5 Warning Signs of a Stroke
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5 Warning Signs of a Stroke

Learning to recognize the most common warning signs of a stroke can make a life-saving difference in your own life and in the lives of others.

According to The Ohio State University Medical Center, one out of every 18 deaths is caused by a stroke. A stroke occurs when the blood flowing to the brain is disrupted by either a blocked blood vessel or a vessel that bursts. The lasting effects of a stroke can be extremely serious. Besides causing death, strokes can also lead to paralysis and difficulties related to memory, thinking skills, emotional stability, bowel and bladder functioning and movement. One of the most effective strategies in reducing the severity of a stroke is early treatment. In order to treat a stroke early, you have to recognize its signs and symptoms as soon as possible.

Warning Sign #1: Sudden Difficulty with Movement

If you or someone around you suddenly has trouble walking or moving various parts of your body, the cause may be a stroke. A person suffering from a stroke may not be able to control his motor functions, and he may feel dizzy and off-balance. Although other conditions can cause problems with mobility, this is a red flag that should raise your suspicions and cause you to seek immediate medical treatment.

Warning Sign #2: Strange Speech

A common symptom of a stroke is speech that is slurred or incoherent. Sudden confusion and the inability to form words, phrases and sentences are factors that indicate a malfunction in part of the brain, which may be caused by a stroke.

Warning Sign #3: Vision Problems

Many people suffer from vision problems that gradually appear over time. If someone has trouble seeing all of a sudden, however, this may point to a stroke as the culprit.  A commonly reported symptom of stroke-sufferers is sudden, dim vision that may affect one or both eyes.

Warning Sign #4: Unusual Sensations on One Side of the Body

If you or someone around you suddenly complains of feeling weak or numb only one side of the body, be very suspicious of a stroke. Each hemisphere of the brain controls the opposite side of the body. When a stroke strikes one hemisphere, the side of the body controlled by that portion of the brain often feels numb or weak.

Warning Sign #5: Sudden Intense Headache

When a person experiences a severe headache that appears out of nowhere and for no apparent reason, a stroke may be happening. Sudden headaches that are abnormally painful should be treated as another red flag for a stroke.

Just as every person is unique, the signs and symptoms of a stroke vary somewhat from person to person. These five warning signs are among the most common indicators of a stroke, espcially if more than one symptom occurs simultaneously or closely together. If you suspect that you or someone else may be having a stroke, call 911 immediately. Speedy medical attention is a life-saver.


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