6 Common Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack
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6 Common Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack

Learn about the 6 Common Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack. It is important to maintain our body healthy and away from diseases especially heart related diseases. The heart is the machine of the body which distributes oxygen useful for other organs. Knowing the signs of heart attack allow us to take early prevention methods and medical checkups to avoid heart attack.

Heart attack and other diseases affecting our heart are some of the most dangerous health conditions which taking millions of lives around the world. In fact, heart related conditions belong to the top most dangerous health conditions affecting human. Many people are getting conscious about their health because of these diseases, the bad news is these health conditions are mostly caused by unhealthy lifestyle, wrong choices of foods and lack of regular exercises. It is really important that we have to consider and knowledgeable about the foods we consume on a daily basis. There are many symptoms of heart attack and other heart problems that might take place anytime. Some of these symptoms aren't obvious and some can affect our daily activities.

It is very important to take care of our heart to the best we can by starting it with the proper choices of foods. Foods and its contents have vital role in elevating or decreasing our risks to heart diseases such as heart attack. In addition to that, having enough knowledge about its symptoms could allow us to prevent and take necessary actions before heart attack could take place. Chest pain is not always the symptom of heart attack in fact many are disregarded because it doesn't impact our body too much. According to the National Institutes of Health or NIH, 95% of women experienced the symptoms of heart attack weeks or months before it happened. These are the signs or symptoms that we have to watch out for especially if we suspect ourselves having heart attack problem.

Rapid Heart Rate

Of course, increased in heart rate is one of the most common symptoms of heart attack. The rapid heart rate can last for seconds or even longer depending on the severity of the condition. This feeling can be compared to an athlete who ran several miles and having an increased heart rate after. However, most of the rapid heart rate symptoms of heart attack occur while the person is asleep.

Flu like Symptoms

Flu like symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, high temperature of the body, heavy chest and sweaty skin are common indicators that a heart attack is waiting for its right time to occur. In this case, it is very important for a patient to immediately consult with a medical expert to know its condition and prevent possible heart attack in the future. The doctor may advice the patient the important things to do and not to do to avoid the aggravation of the symptoms of heart attack.

Discomfort in the Abdomen

Discomfort in the abdominal area doesn't only signify a problem in the digestive system it is also one of the common ignored symptoms of heart attack. Common discomforts such as indigestion, vomiting, abdominal cramps and severe nausea are just some of the common signs of heart attack. In this case, the patient should be better to consult with his or her doctor especially if he knew that he has a history of heart problems. This is to avoid severe heart attack in the future since heart attack is one of the deadliest health conditions that could occur anytime.


According to the NIH study, 70% above of women who suffered from heart attack experienced severe fatigue months before its occurrence. Usually the feeling of crushing like fatigue and weaknesses indicate that a heart attack might happen in the future. It is important to report this experience to the medical expert to properly examine the possibility of the patient for heart attack and recommend an early prevention method. This is one of the uncommon symptoms of heart attack that might occur even on men who have been suffering this condition.


Insomnia can be one of the possible symptoms of heart attack but not all the time. There are people who already have been suffering from insomnia or insomniacs. However, for a patient who has a history of heart problems and suffered from unusual insomnia and other similar symptoms such as anxiety and stress, there might be an impending heart attack to occur in the future. Early preventive measures are necessary together with effective medicines are necessary to prevent future heart attacks.


Breathlessness is one of the most common symptoms of heart attack which might be obvious to some patients. The heart distributes oxygen rich blood, once this oxygen is not sufficient, the person might experience light-headedness and dizziness. This should be immediately consulted with a doctor because this might not only indicate possible heart attack in the future, it might also indicate other heart problems.

Those are the above mentioned signs and symptoms of heart attack that every person should know. It is very important to adjust our lifestyle and other unhealthy habits to avoid possible heart attacks and other fatal health conditions to our body. In addition, nutritious foods and regular exercises are the most important things to consider preventing any diseases.

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