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Cardiology is the doctrine which deals the diseases of the heart with the subspecialty of internal medicine which includes the cardiovascular disease in adults. The Paediatric Cardiology is an independent subspecialty of Paediatrics. Cardiologists acquired valuable knowledges in the field of cardiology with a special training course. Cardiologists can apply for event approval when have completed the course with success and have at least completed one internship year.
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Coronary heart disease and prostate cancer are two health issues that bother middle aged men. Even if eventually a man does not suffer from both, when the body starts getting weaker, some men wonder if this could be due to one or both diseases. What should you know about these critical health issues?
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Many of us have been told we have high cholesterol, which can potentially lead to heart disease and heart attacks, but do not want to harm our livers by taking statins. How then, do we lower our cholesterol safely? Here are 5 steps to help you lower your cholesterol without taking prescription medicine.
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Canola oil health benefits stem form the fact that it is low in saturated fat, contains very little cholesterol and absolutely no carbohydrates. This product is thought of as a heart healthy cooking ingredient and it is good for people who want to reduce their risk of coronary heart disease but still use some type of oil in food preparation.
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High blood cholesterol levels increase the risk for coronary heart disease. Statins have been regularly prescribed for lowering the blood cholesterol levels.However, the use of these drugs is always accompanied by side effects. Hence, every effort should be made to lower cholesterol through natural means. It has been shown that inclusion of plant sterols in the diet could lower the blood cholesterol levels.
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This rarely heard of lifestyle-related condition called atherogenic dyslipidaemia can lead to a syndrome of high triglyceride (TG) but low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) which can cause a health concern. This article will give you useful insights into facts, risk factors and treatments on atherogenic dyslipidaemia.
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Almost everyone visiting a doctor today has their cholesterol numbers checked. When the doctor discusses the patient's chlosterol numbers there are usually puzzled looks on a patient's face and he or she is too embarassed to ask the doctor to explain what cholesterol numbers mean. It is important that everyone keeps up with their chlosteral numbers both good and bad chlosterol.
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This article suggests some of the simple methods to reduce heart attack
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It is a true account of the health services provided by the government in India.
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