Heat Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation
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Heat Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation

New treatment using heat therapy for abnormal heartbeats can be done in a few hours’ time. Patients are released the following day from the hospital. This therapy is an important breakthrough for patients who do not respond to standard medication. The treatment is nonsurgical. twenty-six million Americans suffer from this condition that can lead to fatigue, heart attacks and strokes.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Canada and most probably in the USA as well.  Heart conditions can be scary though not all of them are necessarily debilitating.  However, research must continue to treat all kinds of heart trouble. 

Atrial fibrillation is a condition where the upper heart chambers do not beat normally; it beats faster than it should. People with this condition don’t usually die but do suffer from the symptoms of an extra fast hear beat.  The heart beat is responsible for the normal flow of oxygen to feed the body.  When this oxygen is not present certain things can happen like feeling tired all the time or it can lead to the dreaded heart failure and stroke. 

Heat therapy using radio frequency waves can target the tissue of the heart and reverse the effects of this abnormal heart beat known as arrhythmia. 

 There are over 26 million Americans suffering from this disorder.  Many of these people do not respond to the current medications and treatment on the market; heat therapy might prove to be successful for these patients in the early stages of the condition. The early form of the disease is called paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.  The heart patients feel a fluttering butterfly- like feeling. In the early stages the condition often goes away by itself in a few hours or a few seconds, whatever the case may be.

To treat the patient with heat therapy, the trained surgeon will use a technique called a catheter ablation, which is a nonsurgical method to explore and map the areas of the heart tissue affected by the arrhythmia.  The device searches the electrical impulses just like the GPS system we put on our cars.  The heat at the end of the catheter will be just enough to target the problem and fix it. The heat therapy will block the abnormal rhythms from reoccurring.

In earlier treatments of this kind, the tip of the catheter could over heat and cause other problems such as clotting and so the new device is designed so that not too much heat is expelled in the process.   The temperature of the heat is corrected by a saline solution. What is wonderful about this new treatment is that it is done in an outpatient setting and the entire procedure takes a few hours.  Patients are released from the hospital the next day. 

This procedure will either reduce the episodes of arrhythmia or cure the situation altogether.

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Comments (6)

Very well explained!

thanks charlene

This is completely new to me. I thought I was pretty up on cardiac arrythmia therapies. Amazing. It sounds like it has such good potential. 

yep susan it does sound good,

My husband had this done ... it worked very well, curing him of fibrillation. Great article  -- tweeted.

thanks graciella it is good to hear about people who have actually had these procedures and they were successful