How to Keep Your Heart Healthy
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How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

People with heart failure tend to get fatigued easily because there is not enough oxygen circulating in the body. Know some tips how to keep your heart healthy by reading more...

Heart Health

People with heart failure tend to get fatigued easily because there is not enough oxygen circulating in the body.  Heart's failure may cause fluid to back up in the lungs, leading to breathing difficulties says a medical doctor.

Although many conditions can lead to heart failure, high blood pressure was clearly the culpritHypertension puts too much pressure on the blood vessels, forcing the heart to pump harder.  Without treatment, your heart would continue to enlarge and weaken, a situation that could become fatal.

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Do some heart disease prevention:

Keep calm.  A recent study found that people who get angry have a nearly threefold higher risk of heart attack or dying from heart disease than calmer ones.  So don't forget to keep calm.

Managing stress.  It is advisable for women to find a way to relax.  Whether through yoga, meditating, listening to music or laughing with friends.

Make friends.  make new friends and keep the old.  Research suggest that people who have little contact with friends and family have a two to three times greater risk of heart disease than those with a good support network.

 Nutrition facts.  Cut back on coffee.  Instead of skipping meals, eat often.  New research in the The New England Journal of Medicine found that eating several small, low-fat meals throughout the day can lower cholesterol.  Get plenty of C.  Boost your intake with oranges, bell pepper, and apples.

Heart walk.  Walk for your heart.  Walking and other cardiovascular activities strengthen the heart, increase blood circulation, and deliver oxygen and nutrients more effectively in the body.  Studies show walking pushes the heart to pump more blood.  The continuous pumping of blood and the oxygen your body receives give you the benefits of good health.  As well as the proper distribution to the organs.  Health benefits of walking includes:

  • Walking and blood pressure.  Walking controls blood pressure.  It strengthens the heart so it pumps more blood with less effort and less pressure in the arteries.
  • Walking helps manage weight.  With healthy diet and physical activity like walking, weight management doesn't have to come in pills anymore.
  • Boost good cholesterol.  Walking raise good cholesterol.
  • Reduces risk breast cancer.  it reduces the risk of breast cancer and type 2 diabetes.  It lowers the risk of a stroke too.

Food good for the heart

Peanuts.  A psychologist at the US Department of Agriculture discovered that peanuts, long known to be rich in protein, fiber and several minerals and vitamins, pact a significant load of resveratrol.  That's one of the heart-saving chemicals called phenolics that have sent sales of red wine soaring.  Phenolics are powerful antioxidants that seem to limit the harm done by cholesterol to artery walls and are thought to battle cancer too.

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Melon.  Latest research shows that taking a bit may yield health benefits.  A study recently published in the journal Nutrition found that volunteers who consumed watermelon daily for three weeks increased levels of the amino acids, which helps wound heal faster.  It also play a role in regulating blood glucose levels.  Watermelon has more lycopene - an antioxidant that may reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease than any other fruit.

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Do some other heart disease prevention

You can help protect yourself against the formation of clots and reduce your risk of future heart attack or stroke.  Check with your doctor to see which blood pressure medications is right for you. 

According to medical doctors the pills that may prevent heart attacks:

  • Aspirin.  "Thin" the blood by reducing the stickiness of platelets, thus lowering the risk of blood clots.  Positive side effects: Bleeding in the stomach or in the brain, leading to rare but fatal hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Beta-Blocker.  Lowers blood pressure by countering the effects of adrenaline and similar hormones.  Improves the function of blood vessels and lowers heart rate.  Possible side effects: Fatigue, dizziness, signs of depression and impotence.
  •  Ace Inhibitor.  Lowers blood pressure; stabilizes existing plaque; making them less prone to rupturing.  Possible side effects: Dry cough, headache, and dizziness.
  • Diuretic.  Diuretic is other heart helper.  Lowers blood pressure by reducing the fluid pressure in the body through increased urination.  Possible side effects: Mild and increase urination.
  • Folic Acid.  Lowers blood hemocysteine, an amino acid that in increasing levels correlates with heart disease.  It has no major side effects.
  • Fish oil.  Omega-3 fatty acids in cold-water fish has been shown to reduce plaque formation, decrease clotting by reducing the stickiness of platelets.  In high doses can promote excessive bleeding.


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Very informative and impressive write-up.thanks

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