Watch Your Heart !
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Watch Your Heart !

It is very important to take control of our lives while young making the necessary changes and earlier the better for the health of our heart !

Heart disease which was once considered as an ailment of the urban rich is no longer so.It has invaded into all sections of the society and especially those living in the villages.

According to statistics, 35 - 45% of heart attack cases affect people below the age of 50 with regard to India , with the average age being 55 in the western countries. One gets to hear about cases where children below 14 have complaints of High Blood Pressure and are prone to heart ailments . The main reason for this is the kind of lifestyle they lead. Most children today get very little or no exercise and spend most of their time in front of the television or the computer ,eating junk food like chips,wafers and other fast food which is easily available now and being delivered to one’s doorsteps.They stay up late to catch up with their studies and home work and this causes and builds up pressure and stress and an increased level of cholestrol . One can see many of the younger lot developing a tummy at a very young age and by the time they are 40 , all this accumulates in the form of a heart ailment.

Consumerism and Urbanisation have made sure that now even villagers have access to the TV, Internet and unhealthy junk food. In the past 2 or 3 decades life style has changed drastically in the villages with people spending long hours in front of the television, replacing their once healthy diet with junk food that is more easily available .

However , according to stastistics the number one reason for heart attack remains smoking. The risk apparently is even greater for women smokers. Individuals who smoke tobacco products have a five times higher chance of having a heart attack than men smokers. Smoking combined with lack of exercise and junk food was the real cause of heart related ailments in younger patients below the age of 40 .

The other cause is FH or Familial Hypercholestrolaemia which is a genetic disorder that can affect people with otherwise healthy lifestyle.It is important to get children tested regularly when there is a history of the disorder within the close family. But, this is not a common factor that is responsible for heart attack since it is not a very common disorder.

The rising incidents of heart attack among the youth is mainly due to a combination of several factors like smoking , psychological stress,sedentery life style, lack of exercise and a lack of healthy nutritious diet.

To overcome this and reduce the risk of heart related ailments one can begin by making some healthy choices which would definitely help . It is very important to maintain cholestrol levels at the appropriate levels !

1, Developing a disciplined and a balanced life style where equal importance is given to healthy diet, exercise and better management of time which in turn would help in reducing stress levels..Meditation and Yoga are found to be extremely helpful in controling stress .

2, It is important to cut down on fat , red meat in one's diet and instead replace it with more fibre ,green vegetables , fruits and salads.

3, One has to make sure that each day a certain amount of time is kept aside for either brisk walking or some other form of exercise for at least 30 - 40 minutes each day. Regular exercise works wonders with one’s general health and especially so with Blood pressure and heart related ailments.

It is very important to take control of our lives while young making the necessary changes and earlier the better for the health of our heart !

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Comments (5)

Quite informative and very useful.Thanks

Great balance diet and healthy lifestyle and exercises, great one Kiran, thanks.

excellent article thanks so much

Thank you so much for a useful article.

Thank you for the useful information. This is good to know.